MARCH 2019

BSTYLED salon is now using colour by eco-friendly Italian haircare range, Sens.Us. MC2 is a permanent colour range perfectly combining tradition and innovation whilst being 93% natural, with no ammonia, parabens, silicones or PPDs.

As if MC2 wasn’t already rich enough in deliciously natural ingredients such as pomegranate, rosehip, juniper, hawthorn, Sens.Us have stepped it up a gear. MC2 is now enriched with Quinoa and Acai Berries, adding a whole new injection of vitamins and proteins to protect, invigorate and condition hair when colouring.

These natural, certified and innovative new ingredients promote bonds within the hair’s keratin structure, penetrating deep into the hair’s fibre providing more than 80 vibrant, bold and brilliant shades.

This gentle, safe colour range doesn’t include PPD, the ingredient in many hair dyes which cause allergic reactions, meaning you can have the colour you want without the risk.

All Sens.Us products are developed, formulated, tested and created at their eco-friendly facility in Tuscany, where renewable energy is used, and waste is reduced out of respect for the spectacularly beautiful surroundings which provide both inspiration and source materials for their products. And if that wasn’t great enough, all products are vegan too!

So what are you waiting for? Book in today for a colour appointment with our fabulous new range.